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All Brothers Group

ABG is committed to making a positive shift in the construction industry by setting an example of positive and collaborative behaviour. They train and certify young people in the community helping them be leaders in their communities. Impakt Media helped consolidate the online presence for ABG through website and content creation.

Website Design

ABG wanted an elevated feeling for their website and branding so we utilised the black and darker tones with gold highlights to convey this feeling of exclusivity. The team at ABG requested the functionality to sell an product online, our developers created an online store to sell the book by ABG founder Aleki Schaumkel. 

Print Media

Founder of All Brothers Group – Aleki Schaumkel has written a book, and he needed an image for the cover. Our team worked closely with Aleki to ensure the cover would be directly linked to his story, we travelled with him to New Zealand to capture the image below that is so closely linked with his history and path to where he is now. 


To populate ABG’s website and print media we conducted several on site and in studio photography sessions to create a library of images that shared a consistent feel and branding to keep all their online and in person branding aligned and seamless. One of our photos is used as the book cover shown in the print media.


More amazing projects

Top Shelf Flooring

Top Shelf Flooring are in the business of providing high end flooring solutions tailored to their customers’ desires and vision ultimately transforming their space into something they could only dream of. Impakt Media helped Top Shelf project trust to their clients through a clean, consistent online presence.

Toll Star Painting

Known for their diverse thinking, problem solving and resourceful cost-saving approach, it is Toll Star Painting’s  clear philosophy that keeps them leading edge. Impakt Media consolidated their online presence via photo, video and website design.

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