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Top Shelf Flooring

Topshelf tiling came to Impakt Media to rebrand and establish their online presence to expand as the leading flooring experts, Top Shelf Flooring. In a short amount of time we were able to create all the content both digital and print, engaging high quality photos and videos, website with automated booking systems for quotes to then recruitment videos for the rapidly expanding company to support them with their expansive vision.

Top Shelf Flooring are in the business of providing high end flooring solutions tailored to their customers' desires and vision ultimately transforming their space into something they could only dream of.

Website Design

The team at Top Shelf Flooring wanted to display large amounts of information on their website in an interactive, interesting way so that their clients could be informed but also engaged. We employed several different graphic design techniques to display the text in an engaging manner, utilising icons and brand colours. 

Print Media

With high end key to Top Shelf Flooring’s brand identity, we utilised clean, professional graphic design for their business cards to convey trust and quality to their potential clients.


We created a library of images for Top Shelf Flooring through a number of onsite photography sessions, to employ on their website and socials. This will keep their branding consistent and clean throughout their online presence.


More amazing projects

LP Pipe & Civil

LP Pipe & Civil is a progressive drilling company renowned for their attention to detail and integrity. The team approached Impakt Media to create a website, branded photos, a series of videos and a number of print media that reflected their vision.

Toll Star Painting

Known for their diverse thinking, problem solving and resourceful cost-saving approach, it is Toll Star Painting’s  clear philosophy that keeps them leading edge. Impakt Media consolidated their online presence via photo, video and website design.

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